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Rise Shorts - Black
Merli Yannis

Rise Shorts - Black

Rise Tank - Jet Black
Gabriel Almeida
Feedback !

Good quality, light and flexible clothing

Rise Shorts - Black
Top Fitness Brand

I order the black rise shorts and i am very happy with this product. It fits perfectly, is very comfortable and of high quality. I the next days, i will order the same short in blue. I highly recommend it ;)

Rise T-Shirt - Storm Grey
Abdullah Ramcilovic
More then satisfied

Unexpectedly very fast delivery.
I ordered a tshirt and a hoodie : as for the materials they all felt nice and high-quality
The cut of the tshirt was also very nice but I did not like the cut of the hoodie. It was very baggy around the waist.
Packaging was very good too.

Good quality sportswear!

I got a hoodie as a gift and love the quality and the slim cut!

Rise Symbol T-Shirt - Jet Black

Rise Hoodie - Jet Black
David Schettgen


Rise Shorts - Black

Thank you very much for your gift and support, I successfully received the order as requested and the product is absolutely fantastic, i can't wait to recommend it to friends and family, i wish you and your business all the best for the future. God Bless you

Rise Shorts - Black
Marc Marx

Good quality & fast delivery
I'm very happy with the products I've ordered and I'll definitely order again

Rise Shorts - Black
Patrick DA SILVA
An absolute no-brainer

Made mostly in Europe! Developed by a highly motivated and a creative person with an absolute stunning mindset! The story behind is amazing!!
If something has to be on your way to achieve your goal, the clothes won't. They are so comfortable I barely feel them on my skin. If you could find a European dealer for the shorts, the 5 star rating system won't fit in here because it would be an 6 star product. Keep up improving! Congratulation!

Rise Hoodie - Jet Black
Patrick Fialho

good quality and fast shipping 5*

Great products

Fast delivery and good quality

Great new brand!

Very good quality and I simply love the warrior logo, it let you feel like a real warrior when I work out.
The hoodie, the tanks and the shorts are simply perfect for me!
I highly recommend it!
The only thing is that the t-shirts are a little bit complicated to iron and they can shrink a little bit by washing them the first time, so it’s maybe better to take a larger size!

Great Sports Wear

Very comfortable during exercices, good quality. Even if you're sweating a lot, it soaks the sweat well. I like a lot the fit, I'm wearing XL and it's not to small and not to large, for me it fits perfect.

Rise Eco T-Shirt - White
Fast delivery

I got my order very fast