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The Story

My name is Christian, I am the founder of FITNESS WARRIOR, and this is my story:

By the age of 29, I had the courage to start the FITNESS WARRIOR project. It took many years to get the courage to transform my ideas into reality.

FITNESS WARRIOR is a fitness clothing brand. I created the logo and chose the name with the intention of generating a particular attitude and sensation for the people who wear this clothing, and to evoke a feeling of motivation and strength.

When I imagine a warrior, the image which appears in my mind is that of a Spartan warrior. I am hugely inspired by the strength and the invincible mindset of Spartan warriors. This is why the logo has a Spartan look, and is formed of four elements, each of which has a significant meaning.

The Crown

The crown is the symbol of a king who makes the right decisions. He inspires the people who follow him, and shares his power with them. As a true king, he is a leader and not a tyrant - he goes into battle with his people. With determination, you can become an inspiration for the people around you, and carry them with you. There is no need to be named “king”- you will simply be the king because people want to follow you. That is the true power of the crown.

The Swords

The swords symbolize the weapons which you take into battle, day after day. They are your physical and mental strength, the motivation which pushes you closer to your goal every day. It takes enormous strength to move forward every day, and surmount every obstacle. Keep your dreams aflame, because the best swords are forged from the hottest fire.

The Shield

The shield is the first symbol of protection. There are many moments when we have to endure trouble on the stony road of life. We are frequently attacked by negative feelings, as well as fear of failure, fear of competition, fear of rejection, sorrow and hatred. These feelings are like arrows, shot in our direction by life. If you want to protect yourself from the events which cause these feelings, you must not let any of these arrows pierce you, or you will otherwise be paralyzed by the poison which they carry. So, raise your shield to protect yourself from this poison – raise your shield and forge on through, destroying the arrows in your path. We need to protect our hearts and minds against negative people and negative feelings - this is the only way to pursue happiness and success with a clear mind.

The Helmet

The helmet is the second symbol of protection. The helmet protects one of the most important parts of the human being - the head. The head is the seat of ideas and dreams. In many cases, adversaries may attempt to ruin your dreams by whispering in your ear that you cannot or will not achieve something. Most of the time, you do not recognize these opponents, because there may be people in your circle of friends who begrudge you your success, or are jealous. These people may not wish you any ill, but it is equally true that they do not want you to be better than them. In the end, you should always remember your helmet - the protector of ideas and dreams.

Using these  Elements in your Life

Now that you know the meaning of the logo, you should always keep it in mind, and use these elements to forge your own warrior’s path.

Think about your own crown, and take the right decisions every day. When it’s time to train, then take the decision to train, when it’s time to rest then take the decision to rest. You decide what to do, because you are the king of your own life.

Never forget your shield, because you will be confronted with many hard situations in your life that have the potential to break your heart and soul. So, whenever you fall, stand up again, raise your shield to protect you and keep negative influences at bay. Don’t let the feeling of failure break your shield.

Put on your helmet – it will keep your adversaries from getting into your head. You will meet a lot of people who will doubt your ideas and try to talk you out of them. Have faith in your ideas – they may be too big for these people, or these people may be too small for your ideas.

Take out your swords and show the willpower and strength that burns within you. When you enter the gym, let everyone see the fire in your eyes as you look down at the bench. Everyone will feel your power as you hit the dumbbells like a warrior going to war. As you go through the streets on your morning run, you will look like a warrior running to confront his rivals.